Brown Hair, Don't Care

This is me as a brunette. I seriously don't recognize myself in these photos. I've been coloring my hair blonde for so long that I had no idea the color of my actual hair. After leaving my corporate job, we knew we would need to cut our spending significantly and my first contribution to the 'cut' was giving up my platinum sessions with my stylist. 

I really thought it was going to be much harder to give up the blonde than it has been. I am kind of loving the darker color for Autumn and am certainly happy to not be dropping the cash on my hair. We will see how long this lasts but for now, I am a brunette. 

These photos (and the photos in the previous post) were taken by Tell Chronicles at their amazing Memory Shack - a super cool natural light studio. If you live in the Washington DC Metro Area and are interested in trying out the Memory Shack, hit me up at!