Meet the Maker: Paper Sushi

I have this thing with stamps. I guess you could call me a collector. And hand-lettering...I am a sucker for it too. Jen, the fun creative behind Paper Sushi, combines two of my favorite things to create the most perfect desk accessories. I love that this Mama does it all herself - Jen is the sole designer for Paper Sushi and she + her hubs cut and engrave everything in house. It was so nice of Jen to take time out of her busy schedule so we can all get to know Paper Sushi a little better.  

E: In what city/town do you create your products? 
J: Lovely Portland, Oregon!

E: How does your location inspire your work and why do you love living & working there?
J: Portland has such a wonderful community of makers that inspiration is everywhere!  We love our small businesses here, too, and that means I can always find somebody local to collaborate with.  I print everything at a local, super green print house and get to treat myself to the delicious banh mi next door whenever I pick up a job.  (Amazing food is another one of my favorite things about Portland!) 

E: Why did you initially start your own business?
J: We were living in Germany and my German was terrible!  That meant I had to develop my own business opportunities and I found the perfect home for my ideas on Etsy.  I have been thrilled every step of the way as this business has grown and changed and become such a part of who I am.

E: What is the best thing about owning your own business?
J: I absolutely love being the captain of my own destiny.  I love that if I am bursting with ideas and working my hardest, I get to channel that in whatever way I see fit, and I get to reap the benefits of all of it!

E: What is the biggest challenge of owning your own business?
J: Sometimes adulting is hard.  And, owning your own business can feel like next level adulting.  You have to make all the decisions and sometimes they’re not the right ones.  But, every stumble is another opportunity to grow!

E: We love growing our creative network! Can you share a few of your favorite handmade shops? 
J: Beetle Ink Co is one of my favorite local makers!  I run her stamps and acrylic pins, and every new illustration she brings is a joy to see!  Little Canoe brings my favorite outdoor scenes to life on fun paper goods.  And, Quill & Fox and Worthwhile Paper are more of my favorite paper ladies!

Thanks so much, Jen! We are so excited to stock a selection of Jen's work in our online shop - the very perfect addition to our curated gift boxes!