Mama Style: House Clothes

Two and a half months have passed since I said bye to my corporate career and it hasn't taken me long to come to the realization that I may never wear my beautiful professional attire ever again. Honestly, getting out of what I call 'house clothes' most days is a challenge.

Since I am required to leave my home, I've upgraded my house clothes game so my flannel PJ bottoms don't get past the front door. I am on a strict shopping budget which is why I am loving Old Navy right now. Their lounge wear has really impressed me and the prices can't be beat. Some of my favorites include... 

While we are talking about Old Navy let me also tell you about my new best friend - their high-rise crops and leggings. There is nothing worse than the waistband of your leggings digging into your stomach - am I right, Mamas? These workout pants offer the perfect amount of support and are under $30 because let's be honest, I am not willing to pay more than that for workout clothes!