Handmade Shop Love || Lovelane Designs

It is no secret that I love to support small handmade shops especially when they are owned by Mamas. For me, there is nothing better than giving or receiving a unique gift that was designed and produced by a real person and knowing the story behind the shop, is just icing on the cake that is handmade shopping. The goal of my new 'Handmade Shop Love' journal series is to feature successful handmade businesses and build a connection between readers and followers to the people behind the brand. Not sponsored reviews, just sharing my genuine love for some pretty awesome small shops. 

I am very excited that the first 'Handmade Shop Love' feature belongs to Lovelane Designs. The powerhouse Mama behind Lovelane, Lane Huerta, is taking over the world one tiny superhero at a time! She started Lovelane Designs in Savannah, Georgia in 2006, operating out of  a sunny Victorian in the city’s Landmark Historic District. She began designing and screenprinting tea towels, pillows and other home decor and became a veteran of Indie Craft Parade in Greenville, SC - but it’s been her 'Play Hard' children’s designs that have captured the world's attention.

I can tell you first hand how much imaginative fun we have had (as shown here by Blake!) with our awesome reversible cape. Because of the heirloom quality and timeless design, I knew the cape was something special that Blake would pass down to her little sister and let's not forget how totally cool it looks hanging in her room

As newbies in the handmade shop world, we find much inspiration in the success stories - especially when we love the product and admire the craftsmanship. This is a very awesome time for Lovelane Designs. Lane recently was one of 30 designers selected for Etsy Open Call where she pitched her line to a dream team of retailers...hello, Nordstrom and The Land of Nod. Let's just say it went very well for her and you'll be seeing a lot more of Lovelane this holiday season!

OH and let me tell you about these awesome cuffs I just ordered for Blake for Christmas (never too early, right?). The cuffs are LIMITED EDITION and were created (along with a cape and hat) for Lovelane Designs' Fund on Etsy campaign. Supporters of the campaign are rewarded with limited edition goods and are helping an amazing handmade shop grow. A total no brainer, if you ask me. Show your support and contribute to the campaign by ordering the limited edition goodness (click on the first image below featuring her hubby and adorable daughter, Clementine) - campaign closes August 15th so don't delay!  And the rest of her line is pretty amazing too - my favorites are linked below. 

Now get your butt over to Instagram because Lane and I are giving away a gift box that includes her popular Tiger Cape and our BE STRONG Banner. The perfect combo for your little superhero. 

Giveaway launches Friday morning, 7 August and closes Sunday, 9 August at 5pm - the details can be found on my account @conflictedpixie