Change is good. I am used to it and need it. I built a career managing change for clients. And personally, have been surrounded by it most of my adult life - living in Kuwait, Budapest, and away from my husband for a year. Add a dog and two babies to the mix and life is certainly interesting and changes happen on the daily. 

Most recently, I resigned from my corporate career as a business consultant - adding another big change to my list - to stay home with my two young girls. This girl, the one who said she could NEVER stay-at-home, now (after only one month) could not imagine it any other way. 

These gorgeous photos of me and my girls were taken by my new friend, Alyssa Sieb. Her Motherhood Sessions are a gift and the timing of our session couldn't have been better. She focuses on seeing the beauty of the real and the now by encouraging Mamas to come out from behind the camera without feeling the need for a makeover or weight loss plan. I will certainly cherish these images and everything they represent! 

Being at home with the girls has given me the opportunity to focus on Conflicted Pixie and really create an authentic vision for my small business - making sure the work I do always maps back to that. You might have noticed I renamed the 'blog' to 'journal'. Writing a monetized blog was stressful and I grew to dislike 'blogging'. The new 'journal' will be a place for me to share more of myself + family and also authentic stories of small business goodness much like my 'Meet the Maker' posts. And you will probably see more kid pics - since the girls and I are spending a lot more time together. 

Thanks so much for following along on my little creative journey.