Meet the Maker: Scout + Lilly

I started writing a little style blog two years ago and never would have predicted what Conflicted Pixie would become. I pursued different paths as I tried to turn what began as a hobby into a legitimate small business. I love designing and making small goods and am very proud of our play tentsnecklaces, and clipboards but I also was itching to grow CP into something more than just MY handmade business. 

I am constantly inspired by the maker movement and find myself shopping small more and more. I've talked about my daydream before - to open a brick and mortar shop on Main Street in Small Town USA - and have realized that the daydream could one day be a reality. So CP is taking another baby step toward that reality. 

I am very excited to tell you that CP is growing and I will be stocking small goods from some of my favorite American-made businesses. Launching in our online shop in the next few days, these goods will be combined with CP products to create curated gift boxes!

Even more awesome than the products are the makers themselves and I look forward to sharing their creativity and inspiring stories here.

I am super excited to introduce you to the creative force behind one of our very favorite handmade brands, Scout + Lilly. Kathleen does an amazing job of creating the most unique leather and silk screened goods while highlighting the very best of simple, modern design. Kathleen kindly answered my questions and I know you will enjoy getting to know Scout + Lilly.

E: In what city/town do you create your products and how does your location inspire your work?
K: Dallas, Texas - Texas in general inspires me! I grew up in San Antonio, where the city is so vibrant and colorful. The landscape, too, is incredible and unique. Dallas is no exception. 

E: When and why did you initially start your own business?
K: I started SCOUT + LILLY in 2012 when my husband and I moved to Dallas. I had the opportunity to pursue my own whims, and after much research, many trials, and (to be honest) many errors, SCOUT + LILLY is the result. I always enjoyed working immensely, but never found any joy in it until I began working for myself. It's incredibly difficult at times, but is so, so worth it.

E: What is your most favorite thing about owning your own business?
K: The freedom to do whatever I like. I can print, dabble in sewing, work with leather... whatever I wish! 

E: What is the biggest challenge of owning your own business?
K: Honestly, the freedom! While I can do whatever I like, there is a great risk in it. I never know what will do well and what I enjoy making until the products have been around a month or two. And each decision can either skyrocket my business or tank it. It can be really stressful! And additionally, time management is a big challenge, but that's a challenge with any job!

E: We love growing our creative network! Can you share a few of your favorite handmade shops? 
K: Of course! There are so many amazing makers out there, and being a part of that community is really rewarding! Some of my favorite shops and/or makers are: Betsy Ann Paper, Fieldguided, Lisa Congdon, Cotton & Flax, Ariele Alasko, Amelie Mancini, Satchel & Sage, Lilco Press, and Monorail Press.

Thanks, Kathleen! Many of our curated gift boxes will contain items from Scout + Lilly including those awesome banners and card holder shown above. I am going to try my best not to keep everything for myself!