Monday Musts | 45

Our current Netflix obsession is PBS' Mind of a Chef and if you love the South, do yourself a favor and jump headfirst into Season Two!

1. Sean Brock is the Season Two host - a Virginia boy and James Beard award winning chef - I have now added 'Eat at Husk' (his restaurant) to my bucket list. 
2. Speaking of Brock, his cookbook is beautiful - it can easily grace your coffee table or kitchen counter. 
3. The Kentucky 'Hot Brown' is discussed on one of the episodes, described as the perfect dish after a night of drinking.
4. The 'Gluttony' episode is our favorite - must try this bourbon
5. Brock welcomes several special guests including the Lee Brothers.
6. A visit to Blackberry Farm will have you wanting to book a stay there asap - until you realize the rooms start at $800 per night. Okay, maybe enjoy a meal vice actually staying there!