Handmade Shop Love || Wee Rascals

Back in the Spring, I joined an amazing group of women - all creative entrepreneurs + bad ass driven women - who are smart enough to know that you can't build it alone. The Collective of Us, founded by Cyndie Spiegel, continues to play a big role in the way I approach entrepreneurship but most importantly, the wisdom and guidance of the collective group keeps me moving forward. Amy Poehler says it best, "As you navigate through the rest of your life, be open to collaboration. Other people and other people's ideas are often better than your own." 

Kylie, half of the duo behind Wee-Rascals, is one of those amazing women. I was introduced to Kylie and her inspiring shop when she joined the collective this Summer. I fell in love with the brilliant 'real superheroes' idea behind Wee-Rascals and knew I'd be ordering one of their smart tees for Blake. 

Wanting real faces, real people for her two boys and all kids to look up to, Kylie joined forces with her friend Liz (also a Mama of two littles) to launch Wee-Rascals. Based in Austin, TX, Wee-Rascals is stocked with the hippest long sleeve, short sleeve and raglan tees all inspired by people that have helped shape the world we live in. Real, historical SUPER heroes! 

We are big fans of the neon pink Honest Abe tee and Blake has even declared it to be 'softer than her pajamas!' 

Photos taken by  my girl Julie  at the  Tell Chronicles Memory Shack . 

You can shop some of my favorites from the Wee-Rascals online shop by clicking on the images below AND head over to Instagram to find out more about a fun Wee-Rascals x Conflicted Pixie giveaway!