Monday Musts | 36

I don't know about you but holiday shopping really stresses me out. It has become so hard to manage all the promo codes and which store is offering which discount on which day.

This year, instead of focusing on the discounts, I am trying my best to shop small business and made in America products. Feel good gifting always...well, just feels good. And, of course, it is an added bonus if those businesses are offering a discount!

Check out some of my favorite american-made products and don't forget to read about the inspiring stories behind the gifts. 

1. For your Brother - Faribault for Target Wool Scarf - Watch the Faribault Story

2. For your Sister - Sword & Plough Wool Crossbody Handbag - The S&P Story

3. For your Mom - Fiestaware Pitcher - The history of Fiestaware

4. For your significant other (splurge) - Shinola Runwell Watch - The Shinola Story

5. For your significant other (save) - Shinola Card WalletThe Shinola Story

6. For your friends - Barr-Co. Hand Cream