Monday Musts | 25

Conflicted Pixie Monday Musts twenty five

Just in case you noticed, I apologize for being absent last week. I took a break from the blog to nurse two sick kiddos. So actually I don't apologize, real life involves viruses and I am thankful that they came and went quickly. It is always good to take a break every once in while.

1. Hooray for *almost* football season! How cute are these striped ballet flats in your college colors? Of course, I prefer the maroon and orange pair.

2. Most of Nate Berkus' gold office accessories came home with me from Target last week. But this gold stapler, that I didn't get, has been haunting me.

3. This fireplace cover/illusion might be the best DIY I have ever seen!

4. Is it bad that I am jealous of my daughter's new backpack? Because I am...who knew camo and dots were the perfect pair?

5. This Ikea nightstand is genius - cords can be hidden in its leg for easy smartphone charging.

6. Gray is the new blue! Old Navy has some great gray denim - the perfect brand to try out a trend without breaking the bank.