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Monday Musts 

1. I've been in love with Redraven Studios since I saw her beautiful pieces in-person at the Crafty Bastards Art Show last year.  Luckily Redraven has an online shop and I think this porcelain horse shoe is the perfect gift for to give anyone needing a bit of 'good luck'.

2. I hate when I find the perfect outfit on Pinterest, and there isn't any shopping source information. Like this striped top and floral skirt combo that I came across. So instead of shopping the look, I used it as inspiration for my latest Keaton Row Lookbook. Check it out HERE.

3. All you need is a basket, spray paint and a pendant lamp conversion kit to make a hanging light fixture that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

4. These drapey Old Navy shorts look so cool and nonrestrictive - two of my necessities when purchasing shorts to wear in sweltering Summer heat. AND 30% off today.

5. We are ice cream nuts in this household. I was happy to come across these frozen yogurt recipes that are a nice alternative to our usual full-fat indulgence and will help us use some of our CSA fruits.

6. Speaking of fruits and veggies, how cute is this 'We're Going to the Farmer's Market' book for the little ones? Blake is really enjoying picking up our produce each week (and saying hello to Penny the pig). Getting her involved is making her a little more adventurous at mealtime.