Monday Musts | 15

Conflicted Pixie Monday Musts Fifteen

Monday Musts

1.  Julianne Hough just convinced me to grow out my pixie cut...just a little bit. I really love her short hairstyle!

2. I have several pair of old jeans that I've been wanting to make into shorts. This tutorial is great because it gives you the quick and dirty details on distressing denim.

3. My hubby got a bike this weekend - something he has been talking about for awhile. I would like one too but unfortunately this is the one I want and it costs close to $2k. Dreaming...

4. These DIY string lights are genius. I haven't had a need for this many ping pong balls since college.

5. Our CSA crate contained kohlrabi this week. Huh? Yep, that is what I said too. As a kohlrabi beginner, I think I will start with this chip recipe.

5. As evidenced last week, I am loving everything Madewell right now. This romper is perfect for memorial day weekend!