Monday Musts | 14

Conflicted Pixie Monday Musts fourteen

Monday Musts

1. Does anyone have Gwyneth's 'It's All Good' Book? I am thinking about getting it (stop rolling your eyes) because I love the Instagram account of Andrea Howe called 'Gwyneth Made Me Do It' - all about ditching processed foods and cooking/eating real, whole foods.

2. Remember these cute harem pants Blake wore? They are from Loola and they have the cutest leggings too - right now the arrow legging two-pack is only $28. Adult sizes, please!

3. We got a huge bunch of spring onions in our crop share box this week and I found this super simple soup (say it 3 times) recipe that will help me use them.

4. I can't stop thinking about this Madewell satchel partly because Madewell is now monogramming bags and I really want my initials embossed on all my leather goods.

5. Raise your hand if you have pale skin. My hand is raised and I am hoping the 'A Pale GIrls Guide to Getting the Best Sunless Tan Ever' blog post will help me out.

6. Urban Outfitters is having a great one-day (today!) sale. It might be a good time for me to get this yellow and navy rug I have been eyeing.