Monday Musts | 12

Conflicted Pixie Monday Musts twelve

Monday Musts

1. One of my favorite start-ups (as mentioned here) is making baseball caps out of 100% re-purposed military canvas tents. Perfect Father's Day gift!

2. I love filling tortillas with anything that is left in the refrigerator at the end of the week and my friend (and bestest foodie I know), Rochelle, takes it to the next level with this quesadilla.

3. Another favorite start-up, 31 Bits, is offering some great pieces for Mother's Day. I can't wait to introduce this awesome brand to my friends at Conflicted Pixie's launch party.

4. I am always looking for organization solutions and these World Market cubbies are so reasonably priced.

5. I love and want this shirt.

6. I was asked for clutch suggestions this week and I was happy to share my obsession with Clare Vivier's LA-made beauties.