Monday Musts | 11

Conflicted Pixie Monday Musts eleven

Monday Musts

1. I can't stop thinking about adding a fiddle leaf fig tree to my home decor. Ironically the photo above comes from a blog post that will ultimately keep me from getting one.

2. In less than a month, my good friend will produce her debut show and I know it will be a powerful event. If you are in the DC area - tickets are still available here.

3. I forgot to include this amazing swimsuit in my round-up last week. I love it so much that it deserves its own mention. Perfect shape and color!

4. This tandem stroller is 25% off on Amazon. I've been waiting patiently and today was the day!

5. Nordstrom has some good deals right now on Tory Burch including this beautiful scarf. I also love these sunglasses.

6. These frames are a perfect addition to a gallery wall. And bonus...the linen mat is included.