Ten Pieces | Ten Outfits: Universally Flattering

Conflicted Pixie Ten Pieces Ten Outfits 21. Printed Chambray Shirt 2. White Denim 3. Striped Scarf 4. Green Blazer 5. Cheetah Heels 6. T-Strap Sandals 7. Necklace 8. Distressed Denim 9. Collared Tee 10. Shift Dress

Recently I have had a few conversations about 'age appropriate' attire. It is always hard for me to answer questions about 'dressing your age' because I don't really believe in that concept. I mean who says you have to stop shopping at your favorite stores when you turn a certain age? I love when Linda Rodin shows up in the J.Crew catalog. She is in her 60's and can wear distressed denim and gold heels unlike anyone else. The outfits in this post are inspired by her. Not 'age appropriate' attire, more like 'universally flattering'.

linda rodin

Image from: j.crew.com