How to Style a Bookcase


Bookcases can be really functional storage solutions if you look beyond the obvious book display. I love this white target bookcase because I much prefer the square cubbies to standard shelves.

1. Adding small pieces of personal art like this cute little i love you typewriter will put a smile on your face with just a glance. 2. Get your favorite photos off your computer and display them on your bookcase in these lovely frames. 3. Of course you want to store your books in your bookcase, but why not add bookends like these beauties to keep those books upright? 4. Glass dome cloches are everywhere and they provide the perfect display for your little house plant. 5. If you hold on to magazines like I do you probably need these fabric-covered magazine files. 6. Decorative boxes are not only beautiful but very functional. I would store my stationary, stamps, and address book (yes, I still use one) in this wooden box. 7. These baskets are perfect for holding kid stuff - leave the basket on the bottom shelf for easy access to their goods. 8. Group your collectibles together on one shelf. These globes could start a collection. 9. I am always looking for a throw - especially during these past Winter months - use them to add a little texture to your bookcase.


 And I love how this cow print and area rug tie everything together.