Monday Musts | 5


Monday Musts 

1. I just ordered this special printable for our home. It is a fun little reminder that our family was established 10 years ago! And it doesn't hurt that it resembles a Rifle Paper Co. illustration.

2. I am so ready for warm weather and all things Summer. This suit might be the cutest one-piece I have ever seen.

3. I have many Trader Joe's food obsessions but this granola is my latest and greatest.

4. I often wish they made adult versions of my little girl's clothing. These gold flats are no exception.

5. I can't speak for the actual product, but the packaging alone puts Tory Burch's new lipstick at the top of my list.

6. Can't stop...won't stop...buying floral pieces for Spring. Hoping these Gap jeans go on sale soon.