Monday Musts | 2


  Monday Musts (beginning top left corner)

1. Presidents Day Sales! Especially the extra 50% off sale items at J.Crew! Now is the time to stock up on basics and this colorblock painter tee is less than $18.

2. Another winning recipe found on Pinterest.  This beef and mushroom stir fry is easy, flavorful, and pretty hearty.

3.  Love this galvanized mail holder - although I think I will use it to hold stationary and cards.

4. I love the Olympics but I am going through serious Ron Swanson withdrawal. I might need this t-shirt to keep me company until he is back on the air.

5. While doing some decorating research for a friend, I came across Target's starburst mirror. It is one quarter of the price of a very similar Ballard Designs version. Score!

6. My Valentine gifted me with this bkr water bottle that just so happened to be waiting patiently on my Amazon wishlist. I am in love with all the different colors offered.  Hooray for pretty workout motivation.