Monday Musts | 1


Happy Monday! I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend. I am going to start reoccurring Monday posts which will recap my weekend web browsing, product wanting, DIY projects (either planned or completed) and cooking attempts. And I would love to hear from you - what were you up to over the weekend?

Monday Musts (beginning top left corner)

1. Yes, I know I have talked about this Serena and Lily stool before but they are now offering it with yellow or blue dipped legs.

2. Everyone is sick in my house so I made this vegetable soup - full of vitamins and fiber - which was basically medicine in a bowl. I added fire-roasted tomatoes to spice it up.

3. Parker is a drool machine and I am loving these bandanna bibs.

4. I asked for this book for Christmas after meeting the author at Crafty Bastards. So far I've embroidered the words 'Love' and 'Hello' and plan to frame them as part of a gallery wall.

5. I am waiting patiently for this blazer to go on sale. It needs to be added to my spring wardrobe.

6. A friend posted this on Facebook and it made me laugh.